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Subject editors

Profile picture

Sarah Faulwetter

University of Patras
Patras, Greece

Taxa: Polychaeta
Subjects: Biogeography; Bioinformatics; Taxonomy
Regions: Southern Europe and Mediterranean

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Zoltán Fehér

Hungarian Natural History Museum
Budapest, Hungary

Profile picture

Flávia Rodrigues Fernandes

Museu Paraense Emílio Goeldi
Belém, Brazil

Taxa: Chrysomelidae
Subjects: Phylogeny; Taxonomy
Regions: South America

Profile picture

Jose Fernandez-Triana

Canadian National Collection of Insects
Ottawa, Canada

Taxa: Braconidae
Subjects: General ecology; Systematics; Molecular systematics; Taxonomy
Regions: World

Profile picture

Anna Maria Fiore-Donno

University of Cologne
Cologne, Germany

Taxa: Mycetozoa; Amoebozoa
Subjects: General ecology; Molecular systematics; Phylogeny; Taxonomy

Profile picture

Brian Fisher

California Academy of Sciences
San Francisco, United States of America

Taxa: Formicidae
Subjects: Evolutionary biology; Molecular systematics; Phylogeny; Taxonomy
Regions: World

Profile picture

Jiri Frank

National Museum
Prague, Czech Republic

Taxa: Cephalopoda
Subjects: Palaeontology; General ecology; Behavioural Ecology; Phylogeny; Taxonomy
Regions: World; Europe

Profile picture

Andrey Frolov

Zoological Institute RAS
St. Petersburg, Russia

Taxa: Scarabaeoidea
Subjects: General ecology; Systematics; Taxonomy

Profile picture

Lauren Gardiner

Cambridge University Herbarium
Cambridge, United Kingdom

Taxa: Orchidaceae; Arecaceae
Subjects: Environmental Education; Population genetics; Phylogeny; Taxonomy
Regions: World

Profile picture

Christy Geraci

American University of Iraq, Sulaimani
Sulaimani, Iraq

Taxa: Trichoptera
Subjects: General ecology; Systematics; Molecular systematics; Taxonomy

Profile picture

Vasilis Gerovasileiou

Hellenic Center for Marine Recearch (HCMR)
Heraklion, Greece

Profile picture

Mauro Gobbi

Museo delle Scienze
Trento, Italy

Taxa: Carabidae
Subjects: General ecology; Taxonomy
Regions: Europe