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Subject Editors

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Bong-Kyu Byun

Hannam University
Daejeon, Korea, South

Taxa: Lepidoptera; Pyraloidea; Tineoidea; Tortricoidea
Subjects: Data Management; Faunistics & Distribution; Phylogeny; Taxonomy
Regions: Far East; Asia

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Neil Caithness

University of Oxford
Oxford, United Kingdom

Taxa: Bovidae
Subjects: Ecological Modelling; Bioinformatics; Taxonomy
Regions: Africa

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Pedro Cardoso

Finnish Museum of Natural History, University of Helsinki
Helsinki, Finland

Taxa: Araneae
Subjects: General ecology; Taxonomy
Regions: Europe; North Africa

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Riccardo Castiglia

University of Rome La Sapienza
Roma, Italy

Taxa: Sauria; Rodentia
Subjects: Biogeography; Molecular systematics; Taxonomy
Regions: Africa; Europe

Profile picture

Therese Catanach

Texas A&M University
College Station, United States of America

Taxa: Galliformes; Caliscelidae; Phthiraptera; Cicadellidae
Subjects: General ecology; Molecular systematics; Taxonomy
Regions: World

Profile picture

Luis Cayuela

Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
Móstoles, Spain

Taxa: Basal Angiosperms: Monocots
Subjects: General ecology; Ecology & Environmental sciences
Regions: Central America and the Caribbean; South America

Profile picture

Pierfilippo Cerretti

University of Rome
Roma, Italy

Taxa: Calyptratae
Subjects: General ecology; Data Management; Systematics; Bioinformatics; Taxonomy

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Scott Chamberlain

Portland, United States of America

Subjects: Data analysis & Modelling; Bioinformatics

Profile picture

Stylianos Chatzimanolis

University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Chattanooga, United States of America

Taxa: Staphylinidae
Subjects: Systematics

Profile picture

Eva Chatzinikolaou

Hellenic Centre for Marine Research
Heraklion, Crete, Greece

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Vishwas Chavan

Global Biodiversity Information Facility
Copenhagen, Denmark

Subjects: Data Management; Bioinformatics
Regions: World

Profile picture

Daniele Cicuzza

Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden
Yunnan, China

Taxa: Pteridophyta
Subjects: General ecology; Systematics; Taxonomy
Regions: World; Asia