A graph showing the relationship of latitude (x-axis) to the number of Boletina species in continental Europe. ITA+SPA=Italy and Spain (27 spp), HUN+BUL+ROM=Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania (17 spp), GER+CZ+POL=Germany, Czech Republic and Poland (42 spp), FIN+SWE=Finland and Sweden (73 spp). Species numbers are based on Fauna Europaae (Chandler 2014) and subsequent additions, such asParvu 2002, Ševčík and Papp 2002, Parvu 2004, Schumann 2004, Kurina 2008, Ševčík and Vonička 2008, Bechev 2010 . Fennoscandian (FIN+SWE) number is based on Kjaerandsen 2015, and unpublished records of 15 undescribed species (Kjaerandsen, Polevoi, Salmela & Söli, in prep.). The adjacent European countries were combined in order to reduce variation in their geographical areas. Latitudes represent rough midpoints of the respective groups of countries.

  Part of: Salmela J, Suuronen A, Kaunisto K (2016) New and poorly known Holarctic species of Boletina Staeger, 1840 (Diptera, Mycetophilidae). Biodiversity Data Journal 4: e7218. https://doi.org/10.3897/BDJ.4.e7218