Field collection kit, including a (A) Mountainsmith lumbar pack (8 L volume); (B) UV flashlight; (C) GPS unit; (D) breaker bar; (E) 20 mL collection vials (cell counter type); (F) 100% alcohol-filled vials for millipedes that prematurely die (Sarstedt 8 mL plastic screw-top vials); (G) 10X and 20X Coddington loupes; (H) 100 mL collection vials (large pharmacy pill vial type); (I) 50 mL Falcon tube; (J) Field notebook; (K) Apple iPhone with internal GPS and Gaia GPS app with predownloaded USGS topo quads; (L) pencil, fine and extra fine point permanent Sharpie markers; (M) narrow and wide tip featherweight forceps from Bioquip; (N) headlamp from Black Diamond (Ion model).

  Part of: Means J, Francis E, Lane A, Marek P (2015) A general methodology for collecting and preserving xystodesmid and other large millipedes for biodiversity research. Biodiversity Data Journal 3: e5665.