Distribution of species per family (abundance and percentage) for the most species-rich families in the MidMedPol dataset. Families with less than four species were combined in the category "Others". These are: Sabellariidae, Terebellidae (3 species each), Capitellidae (2 species), Amphinomidae, Aphroditidae, Chrysopetalidae, Dorvilleidae, Maldanidae, Oenonidae, Opheliidae, Orbiniidae, Pholoidae and Polynoidae (1 species each). Diagram based on the data from Suppl. material 2.

  Part of: Keklikoglou K, Faulwetter S, Chatzigeorgiou G, Badalamenti F, Kitsos M, Arvanitidis C (2013) MidMedPol: Polychaetes from midlittoral rocky shores in Greece and Italy (Mediterranean Sea). Biodiversity Data Journal 1: e961. https://doi.org/10.3897/BDJ.1.e961