Total number of specimens collected in each sampling week (=each black & white bar pair, equivalent to 3 areas x 3 traps) for T. polita (white, first plane) vs. other Cryptinae (black, behind), along the sampled seasons (Day number of year, where DS=183–215, RS=286–322), discriminated for each year (0–1 = 2000–2008). Left wall (YZ axes) shows daily records of precipitation (cumulative values within each month), for all years (2893 records total); right wall (YX axes) shows average of precipitation for each Day number of year (each day = average of all years). Scale for number of specimens and precipitation (Y-axis) are identical.

  Part of: Santos B, Aguiar A, Tedesco A, Fontenelle J (2017) Long-term seasonal dominance of the wasp Trihapsis polita Townes (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae) in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest. Biodiversity Data Journal 5: e11337.