Screenshot of the occurrence data form corresponding to the SEINet specimen ASU0023423 – Echinomastus johnsonii (Parry ex. Engelm.) E.M. Baxter (common name: Johnson's fishhook cactus – pertaining to the ASU Vascular Plant Herbarium collection. This is the primary Symbiota contributor interface through which individual specimen records are entered and edited. At the highest level, contributors can switch from the Occurrence Data tab to the Determination History, Images (see also right half), Genetic Links (e.g. to GenBank; Benson et al. 2012), and Administrative tabs. Entry personnel can zoom in on the label. Many data fields have inherent auto-completion or uniqueness/compliance checking functions, or can be expanded via the +-pencil icon for more fine-scale data entry. The Latest Identification data field section is linked to the taxonomic thesaurus, thereby ensuring correct integration of the Scientific Name with the portal-level taxonomy. Georeferencing support tools including Google Earth mapping and an embedded GEOLocate module. Under Curation, the Processing Status may be set to (e.g.) "Pending Review" to support filtering and data quality control practices among collection members.

  Part of: Gries C, Gilbert E, Franz N (2014) Symbiota – A virtual platform for creating voucher-based biodiversity information communities. Biodiversity Data Journal 2: e1114.