Screenshots of several stages in an exemplary sequence of using the Dynamic Key function in Symbiota. (A) Using the Dynamic Map interface, a rectangle is selected; the coordinates correspond to the bounding box are selected. Users can restrict the subsequent checklist creation process ("Build Checklist") through specification of a Taxon Filter (i.e., higher taxa down to family, listed alphabetically). (B) Using these search criteria, the module will search vouchers in Symbiota that may satisfy these conditions, and integrate the pertinent voucher list into a taxon (family/species) list with 2178 species-level matches. The Dynamic Key interface (left menu) is initially simple, including choices regarding e.g. habit. (C) In this example, selecting only two criteria from the list will (1) reduce the count of taxon matches to 6 and (2) display a remaining taxa-specific list of traits suitable for further determination, drawn from the character inheritance hierarchy of the corresponding key in Symbiota. These can either be further scrutinized with the dynamic key or determined through viewing of individual species profile pages.

  Part of: Gries C, Gilbert E, Franz N (2014) Symbiota – A virtual platform for creating voucher-based biodiversity information communities. Biodiversity Data Journal 2: e1114.