The Biota of Northern Eurasia collection in Biodiversity Data Journal now completed

23 May 2023

The article collection Biota of Northern Eurasia in Biodiversity Data Journal (BDJ) is now completed and available on the journal’s website. The collaboration between BDJ, the journal’s publisher Pensoft, the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF), and the Finnish Biodiversity Information Facility (FinBIF) aimed to improve the quality and accessibility of biodiversity data by collecting and presenting data papers on Northern Eurasia.

Edited by Dmitry Schigel, scientific officer at GBIF and one of the most active editors at BDJ, the collection comprises 11 data papers, which provide detailed descriptions of 12 biodiversity datasets from the area. The papers report on a total of 12 datasets and more than 80,000 occurrence records, including approximately 52,000 plants, 9,000 fungi, 21,000 bats, 4,000 reptiles and amphibians and 2,000 spiders.

Together, the papers come to highlight that describing biodiversity datasets is crucial to enhance our understanding of the natural world and inform conservation efforts. By providing detailed descriptions of datasets, researchers can ensure that the data they collect is accessible and usable by others, which in turn can lead to new insights and discoveries.

In summary, the completion of the Northern Eurasia data paper collection in BDJ highlights the significance of describing biodiversity datasets and the importance of open access to data.

In a continued effort to promote the sharing of biodiversity data, a new call for papers on soil biodiversity has been opened in BDJ. This next step in the partnership between Pensoft, FinBIF and GBIF aims to provide a comprehensive overview of soil biodiversity data and its importance for ecosystem functioning and services.


You can find more information about the call for soil biodiversity data papers on the GBIF website. Article publication waivers are available for the first 40 papers to be submitted by 22 September 2022.


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