BDJ recognises 2023’s Most cited authors and Most active editors

11 January 2024

For the third year in a row, Biodiversity Data Journal will recognise our most cited authors and most active editors in an annual award initiative. We are excited to be able to acknowledge and support the work of the talented, dedicated people behind our journal’s success.

This year, we are giving free publication vouchers to the three lead authors of the best cited papers published in 2020 and the three editors who completed the most editorial tasks in 2023.

The awards go to the following authors:

1.    Dave Karlsson for The Swedish Malaise Trap Project: A 15 Year Retrospective on a Countrywide Insect Inventory (47 citations)

2.    Steven B. Janssens for A large-scale species level dated angiosperm phylogeny for evolutionary and ecological analyses (47 citations)

3.    Marco Cervellini for A grid-based map for the Biogeographical Regions of Europe (33 citations)

and editors:

1.    Yanfeng Tong (10 tasks)

2.    Alireza Zamani (9 tasks)

3.    Ning Jiang (8 tasks)


Awarding our best-performing authors and editors has become an annual tradition at BDJ in a bid to express our gratitude to them and encourage them to keep sharing their ideas with us.

We thank the awardees for being part of our team and look forward to seeing their new works published in BDJ.

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