Yuanjun Zhu joins as subject editor of Biodiversity Data Journal

29 May 2024

Dr. Yuanjun Zhu, Assistant Researcher in the Institute of Ecological Conservation and Restoration at the Chinese Academy of Forestry, China, joins Biodiversity Data Journal as a subject editor for the scientific subjects of biodiversity, ecosystem services, forest ecology, forest soil science, environmental sustainability, and ecological risk assessment.

At the Chinese Academy of Forestry, Zhu Yuanjun's main research interests are the conservation and restoration of degraded ecosystems in grasslands, forests, and deserts, and the relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem function.

“Biodiversity is a focal and pivotal subject within the realms of biological science and ecology, holding significant importance for scientific advancement and human development. Moreover, biodiversity data serves as the cornerstone and crucial basis for biodiversity research. Hence, this journal occupies a significant position in the future development of biodiversity research.” says Yuanjun.

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