This April, the 5th European Citizen Science Association Conference heads to Vienna, Austria

21 March 2024

The European Citizen Science Association (ECSA) will host its 5th conference in Vienna, Austria from the 3rd to the 6th of April 2024.

Focusing on the motto 'Change', the conference aims to address different approaches to this topic from many perspectives within the realm of citizen science and participatory research.

400 citizen science practitioners, researchers, activists, scientists, policymakers, artists, and more will gather for one of the leading citizen science events in Europe. In addition, many more will attend via remote participation. 


All congress participants are invited to learn more about Biodiversity Data Journal and consider submitting their work to the journal.

We remind you that the journal offers special conditions and benefits for Topical collections meant to collate contributions grouped by a shared topic or interest group.


Conference Objectives:

Diverse Perspectives on Change: The conference aims to facilitate discussions on the diverse approaches to change, considering various perspectives within the realm of citizen science and participatory research.

Active, Transformative Change: Emphasis will be placed on exploring both active, transformative change initiatives and the observation of change monitored by citizen science across diverse disciplines.

Unlocking the Potential of Citizen Science: The event seeks to underscore the potential of citizen science as a catalyst for change in both research and society. It will delve into how citizen science can serve as a valuable tool to navigate and manage the ongoing transformations in our surroundings.


You can follow the event via the European Citizen Science Association’s X page.

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