Dr. Leonardo D. Fernández joins Biodiversity Data Journal as a subject editor

09 July 2024
Dr. Leonardo D. Fernández is an associate researcher and professor at the University of Las Américas, Chile. He just joined the editorial team of the Biodiversity Data Journal as a subject editor for Protozoa (Protists or unicellular eukaryotes) in subjects such as biogeography, genetics, taxonomy, and metabarcoding. Leonardo has an impressive background in microbial ecology and evolution, holding two doctorates in biological sciences and systematics and biodiversity, along with a postdoctoral fellowship in microbiology. His research focuses on the diversity and composition of microbiomes in various environments, utilizing advanced genetic techniques such as barcoding and metabarcoding. "It is an honor to join the editorial team of the Biodiversity Data Journal. I am excited to contribute to the dissemination of research that enhances our understanding of microbial biodiversity and its importance to health and the environment," says Leonardo. His work with the journal will strengthen the publication of studies that integrate multidisciplinary methodologies to address microbial diversity and ecology in different contexts.

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