Nanopublication type


Nanopublications are the smallest units of publishable information: a scientifically meaningful assertion about anything that can be uniquely identified and attributed to its author and serve to communicate a single statement, its original source (provenance) and citation record (publication info). Nanopublications are fully expressed in a way that is both human-readable and machine-interpretable. For more, see, Pensoft blog, and the BDJ About.

Nanopublications can be created in relation to your manuscript in this journal and included in it before submission/acceptance or be published as standalone publications in relation to any identifiable online document or data source through the Create nanopublication button below.

Please note that standalone nanopublications created through the present interface are not peer reviewed! The authors hold the full responsibility for the content of nanopublications published under their name and ORCID ID! The journal reserves the rights to unlist any nanopublication on editors’ sole discretion.

Community feedback on this pilot project and suggestions for additional biodiversity-related nanopublication templates are very welcome!

Association between organisms and environments

Source: Attributed to myself
This Nanopublications for Biodiversity workflow was created with a partial support of the European Union's Horizon 2020 BiCIKL project under grant agreement No 101007492 and in collaboration with Knowledge Pixels AG. The tool uses data and API services of ChecklistBank, Catalogue of Life, GBIF, GenBank/ENA, BOLD, Darwin Core, Environmental Ontology (ENVO), Relation Ontology (RO), NOMEN, ZooBank, Index Fungorum, MycoBank, IPNI, TreatmentBank, BioLink, and other resources.

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