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Closed for submission
Linking FAIR biodiversity data through publications: The BiCIKL approach
Edited by Anne Thessen, J. Adilson Pinedo-Escatel, Jader Oliveira, Renan Barbosa, Krizler Tanalgo, Paulo A. V. Borges, Panakkool Thamban Aneesh, Hanieh Saeedi, Vincent Smith, Lyubomir Penev

The EU-funded project BiCIKL (Biodiversity Community Integrated Knowledge Library) supports free of charge* publications in a dedicated topical collection in the Biodiversity Data Journal, demonstrating advanced publishing methods of linked biodiversity data.

The criteria and requirements for pub ...

Papers published: 18   |  Total pages: 552
Philippines (1), Europe (3), Ukraine (2), Madagascar (1), Bulgaria (1), Indian Ocean Islands (1), Antarctic (1), Africa (1), Eastern Europe (1), World (2), Polar (1), Asia (2)
Permanent collection
Arthropod biodiversity of Italy
Edited by Enrico Ruzzier, Andrea Di Giulio

The Italian National Recovery and Plan supports the creation of five National Centers dedicated to frontier research related to technological areas consistent with the priorities of the European research agenda and with the contents of the National Research Plan 2021-2027. One of these is the Nation ...

Papers published: 7   |  Total pages: 408
Closed for submission
Soil biodiversity
Edited by Dmitry Schigel, Tobias Frøslev, Paulo Borges, Anton Potapov, Arturo H. Ariño

In collaboration with the Finnish Biodiversity Information Facility (FinBIF) and Pensoft Publishers, GBIF has announced a new call for authors to submit and publish data papers on soil biodiversity in a special collection of Biodiversity Data Journal (BDJ). The call expands upon the partners’ succes ...

Papers published: 3   |  Total pages: 86
Brazil (1)
Submission deadline: 01 October 2024
Pollinators of France and French overseas territories
Edited by Benoît Geslin, Adrien Perrard, Bertrand Schatz

In the context of the recently announced French National Plan for Pollinators and the initiation of the French Red List of Bees and Hoverflies, this topical collection aims to streamline the publicly available knowledge of the extraordinary biodiversity of bees, hoverflies, flies, butterflies and ot ...

Papers published: 4   |  Total pages: 108
Closed for submission
Biota of Northern Eurasia
Edited by Dmitry Schigel

In collaboration with the Finnish Biodiversity Information Facility (FinBIF) and Pensoft Publishers, GBIF has announced a call for authors to submit and publish data papers on Northern Eurasia in a special collection of Biodiversity Data Journal (BDJ).

In correspondence with the funding prioritie ...

Papers published: 11   |  Total pages: 202
Submission deadline: 01 December 2024
Alien plants of Kyrgyzstan
Edited by Gianniantonio Domina
A monographic revision of non-native vascular plants of Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia, is based on the comprehensive inventory of herbarium collections, field observations and literature sources. The checklist is supplemented with the detailed distributional information and the assessment of the status o
Papers published: 2   |  Total pages: 100
Permanent collection
Antarctic and Southern Ocean biodiversity
Edited by Anton Van de Putte, Justine Shaw, Heather Lynch, Huw Griffiths

The Special issue “Antarctic and Southern Ocean biodiversity” aims to celebrate the wide biodiversity of the Antarctic and Sub Antarctic region in the terrestrial and marine realms.

The (sub)Antarctic and Southern Ocean are host to a unique biodiversity. Due to the remoteness and harsh environmen ...

Papers published: 10   |  Total pages: 196
Chromista (1), Fungi (1), Bacteria (1), Copepoda (1), Chordata (1), Plantae (1), Animalia (5), Archaea (1), Protozoa (1)
Antarctic (1), Pacific (1), Polar (4), Oceans (2), Americas (2)
Closed for submission
LifeWatch ERIC Collection of Data and Services Papers
Edited by Christos Arvanitidis, Alberto Basset, Peter van Tienderen, Lucas de Moncuit, Cristina Isabel Huertas Olivares, Cristina Di Muri, Ana Mellado, Vasilis Gerovasileiou, Wouter Los
The Data and Services papers LW ERIC intends to publish as open access papers on the BDJ web page, will describe the resources and assets developed, upgraded and used during the implementation of the flagship project of LW ERIC, the Internal Joint Initiative (IJI). The IJI deals with the impacts of  ...
Papers published: 5   |  Total pages: 74
Plantae (1), Animalia (2), Chromista (1)
Europe (1), World (1)
Permanent collection
GBOL III: Dark Taxa
Edited by Stefan Schmidt, Axel Hausmann, Lars Krogmann, Martin Sorg, Jörg Müller, Jessica Awad and Ralph S. Peters

The German Barcode of Life initiative (GBOL) aims at creating a DNA barcode library of German organisms. The third phase, "GBOL III: Dark Taxa", focuses on little known or unknown groups of insects in Germany, in particular Diptera and parasitoid Hymenoptera. GBOL III: Dark Taxa is a joint project w ...

Papers published: 13   |  Total pages: 678
Permanent collection
Restoration of species of conservation importance
Edited by Atanas Grozdanov, Anita Tosheva, Ivan Traykov, Emilian Stoynov, Yordan Koshev
The restoration of species is one of the most important conservation tools in the context of constantly intensified human-driven global biodiversity loss. The reintroduction/restocking activities are related to significant researches and data gathering before and during the working process, which en ...
Papers published: 10   |  Total pages: 184
Permanent collection
Edited by Christoph Häuser, Thomas von Rintelen, Virginia Duwe, Vu Van Lien, Eckhard von Raab-Straube, Nguyen van Sinh, Vu DinhThong, Do Van Tu, Truong Ba Vuong, Luu Hong Truong and Stefan Schmidt

This Collection of the BDJ will report original results from recent biodiversity recording and survey work undertaken in Cuc Phuong National Park, northern Vietnam, under the framework of the VIETBIO project. The issue will consists of a “main” cover paper characterizing the study area and general p ...

Papers published: 2   |  Total pages: 50
Closed for submission
Biota of Russia
Edited by Vince Smith, Dmitry Schigel, Ivan Chadin, Alexey Seregin, Nina Filippova, Pedro Cardoso, Vladimir Blagoderov, Alexander Sennikov

Editors of the 2021 submissions: Dmitry Schigel, Ivan Chadin, Alexey Seregin, Nina Filippova, Pedro Cardoso, Vladimir Blagoderov, Alexander Sennikov.

A special collection of data papers on Russia in the Biodiversity Data Journal (BDJ) by GBIF - the Global Biodiversity Information Facility - in c ...

Papers published: 59   |  Total pages: 1204
Asia (8), Central Asia (1), Siberia (1), Far East (1), Arctic (1), Asian Russia (3), Eastern Europe (6), World (1), Russia (10), Northern Europe (1), Europe (16)

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